More environmentally friendly alternatives for energy - Solar Power Water Heaters

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Healthier, More Environmentally Friendly Alternatives for Energy - Solar Water Heaters


A solar water heating system is fairly simple. You install solar panels, typically on your roof, and the sun heats the panels. Then these solar collectors heat a fluid in pipes held in the interior of the panel boxes, and that fluid is transported into the house where it heats water in a storage tank. The system can include a pump which circulates the transmission fluid from the roof to the water tank and back again, but pumpless systems are also available. In areas where freezing isn't an issue, systems can heat your water directly. In most places a type of antifreeze is used and the fluid and water do not mix.

One convenient and less expensive option if you live in a warm climate is a solar batch collector. Water is simply pumped up to a solar storage tank on the roof and heated by the sun. Then you just use the hot water as needed. (But you need to make sure you have a roof that is strong enough to support the weight of the stored water and the tank.) These units cost less than $1000. Another great way to save energy and money if you are a pool-owner is to use solar power to heat your pool.

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