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Tips for a Greener Bathroom - Save Energy & Water with your Toilet

On average, toilets are the single largest use of water inside of a house.

Saving Energy in the Bathroom - Water Saving Toilet Ideas

On average, toilets are the single largest use of water inside of a house. There are a couple of different options to save water with your toilet. Any of these will save you thousands of gallons per year:

1. Retrofit the toilet with a water-saving device from your local hardware store

2. Place one or two one-quart plastic weighted beverage bottles in the toilet tank to displace water flushed.

3. Or, you can always splurge for a new low-flush toilet!

4. Use your waste basket for miscellaneous bathroom wastes. Flushing garbage wastes water and can cause treatment problems.

Green Bathroom Ideas
Save Energy with your Toilet

Water Saving Shower Tips