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Tips for a Greener more Environmentally Friendly Office

Protecting the environment has to be part of your everyday life outside your home as well. Whether you work at a factory that may be blatantly polluting the environment or in an office that could cut down its use of paper products, you should examine every element of your working life and make sure it is a safe working environment for you and the planet.

General Energy Saving Ideas for your Office

1. Help educate your coworkers about the environment.

2. Use natural or compact fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lights use 1/3 the electricity of normal bulbs and last up to 10 times longer.

3. Take your own ceramic or china coffee cup to work.

4. Bring your lunch in a reusable container.

5. Set up a recycling program.

6. Investigate the health hazards in your office and line of work. Seek and promote alternatives.

7. If you send packages by courier, contact a bicycle courier company for local deliveries.

8. Encourage your company pension plan not to invest in companies that harm the environment.

9. Lobby your company to set up a committee to monitor its environmental performance.

10. Walk or ride a bike to work. Use public transit or carpool – you can advertise at work or on community bulletin boards.

11. Weatherproof your workplace to save energy.

12. Lobby for faucet aerators at work to save water.

13. Set up an environmental bulletin board to post notices about local environmental meetings, environmental news and green cleaning tips.

14. Make a sign for inside the front door that says “last one out turns off the lights.”

15. Arrange furniture to take advantage of natural light from windows.

16. Consider flooring made of renewable materials such as bamboo.

17. Consider sustainable furniture made of recycled and renewable resources.

18. Unplug or shut down all computers and other electronics at the end of the day and when not in use. Electronics on "standby" cost consumers an extra $8 billion dollars a year in electricity.

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