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Tips for a Greener more Environmentally Friendly Office - Paper

Protecting the environment has to be part of your everyday life outside your home as well. Whether you work at a factory that may be blatantly polluting the environment or in an office that could cut down its use of paper products, you should examine every element of your working life and make sure it is a safe working environment for you and the planet.

Here are a few thing you can do to save paper and trees:

Energy Saving Ideas for your Office Paper

1. Photocopy or print on both sides of the page and reuse paper until both sides are used up.

2. Buy recycled, chlorine-free paper and recycle office paper when you are finished with it.

3. Reuse envelopes.

4. Reduce the number of copies of any given document.

5. Buy one copy of the news-paper and leave it in the staff room for everyone to share over lunch and breaks.

6. Use a plain paper fax machine so you can reuse and recycle the paper.

7. Buy a permanent cloth or mesh coffee filter instead of disposable paper filters.

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