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Tips for a Greener Bathroom

On average, toilets are the single largest use of water inside of a house and showers are the 3rd worst water wasters in your house (after clothes washing machine).

Saving Energy in the Bathroom - Water Saving Toilet Ideas

On average, toilets are the single largest use of water inside of a house. There are a couple of different options to save water with your toilet. Any of these will save you thousands of gallons per year. :

1. Retrofit the toilet with a water-saving device from your local hardware store

2. Place one or two one-quart plastic weighted beverage bottles in the toilet tank to displace water flushed.

3. Or, you can always splurge for a new low-flush toilet!

Saving Energy in the Bathroom - Water Saving Shower Ideas

1. Take shorter showers (try 5 minutes maximum). With every minute you linger under the standard showerhead, you use 4 to 6 gallons of water.

2. Turn the water off while you lather up or shave your legs.

3. Install a water control valve on your existing shower head or purchase a low-flow showerhead.

4. Or..install water saving devices for your taps and showers. Energy saving shower heads can save up to 20 per cent of hot water usage – and cut your electricity bills.

5. When buying a new shower curtain, get cloth instead of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

6. If hair comes out while showering, don’t wash it down the drain . Just put it at the edge of the drain and throw it out afterwards.

Other Ways be Environmentally Friendly & Save Energy in the Bathroom

1. Mend any dripping taps or leaking pipes immediately.

2. Turn off water while brushing your teeth or shaving. You can save more than 3 gallons of water!

3. Your drains can be kept open, clean and odor-free without the use of corrosive drain cleaners. Use a strainer on all drains to prevent clogs. Click here for a environmentally friendly recipe to keep you drains clean and clear. If you do get a clog, try this recipe and as a last resort, use a plumber's snake.

4. Use greener cleaners. Today’s non-toxic organic soaps and cleaners work, smell good and don’t harm the environment. Click here for environmentally friendly green household cleaning recipes that you can make right at home!

5. Use handkerchiefs instead of disposable tissues. This will not only help save trees, but the cotton will be softer on your nose.

6. A faucet aerator will reduce the flow without reducing the water pressure.

7. Consider a tank-less water heater. Not only will you save every time you use hot water in your house, but you’ll have all that extra space to put those mops and brooms where the water heater used to be!

8. Keep your water heater down to 130F (54C). This is hot enough to kill bacteria and still save energy.

9. Use your waste basket for miscellaneous bathroom wastes. Flushing garbage wastes water and can cause treatment problems.

Green Bathroom Ideas
Save Energy with your Toilet

Water Saving Shower Tips