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Tips for a Greener more Environmentally Friendly School Life

Protecting the planet can also be part of your daily life at school. Here are a few ideas for getting your friends and teachers involved in the fight to save the planet:


1. Help educate your fellow students about the environment.

2. Make environmental studies part of every subject taught in your school.

3. Start an anti-litter campaign at your school.

4. Pack a garbage-less lunch... take a reusable container instead.

5. Before buying school supplies in September, take a look at what you have left over from June.

6. Brainstorm environmental projects with other students and teachers. You could clean up the environment from the school yard to the river and beyond.

7. Join the environmental club if there is one or start your own.

8. Request a non-toxic environment in your school. Examine your school’s cleaning supplies, lawn care, supplies and paint.

9. Ask your environmental group to come up with a list of environmental guidelines for the school.

10. Walk or ride a bike to school. Organize a walking school bus. Plan a route that allows you to pick up people as you walk to school.

11. Use the public library for books and magazines or give them away when you’re finished with them.